Magic Slime Volleyball One Slime
By Quin Pendragon, Daniel Wedge, & Michael Thiel
This version: 23rd February, 2005.

Your browser requires Java.

A/left arrow=left, D/right arrow=right, W/up arrow=jump, P=pause, K=restart level.
Z=ball in/decreases size.
X=makes the ball appear randomly somewhere else.
C=grow/shrink slime.

Ace: 200 points
Winner: 100 points
Point: 50 points
Level bonus: your points/total points, times 1000
Time bonus: 1 points per second less than five minutes you take
Flawless victory: 1000 points
All multiplied by 2^(the level number - 1)

The Original version of One Slime, was at Wedgey's Homepage.

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