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Desktop Multi Search Engine (Freeware)

Attention: This is a desktop version only. For more functionality, please use our online multi search engine.

What is it?
Well the easiest way to see how it works is to see it's online demonstration (slower than the downloadable version). It's a search engine that allows you to search any search engine you choose; you can download it to your desktop so you won't have to load the main search engine's homepage ever again. It has nearly instant loading on any computer or internet connection (after it is downloaded). The file will only take a few seconds to download on any connection (from dial-up to T2 internet) and no installation is required.

After Download.
Just unZip it. (Right click the folder, and press "Extract All...".) Just double click "search" or "search.html" and your ready to search the internet better and quicker than before.

Then what?
Put it on your desktop (you can view the READ_ME.txt file). Check back here for more updates.

How does it work?
Type what you want to search for, and then click the search engine you want to search with. If you want to search in a different category, just click that tab, and click one of those search engines.

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