Asteroids: UFO Massacre


Allow the above applet and sounds to load; to start, you'll need to click in the above applet area and press the 'S' button on your keyboard.

To earn points, you'll need to shoot the asteroids, UFOs and heat-seeking missles. If one of these hits you, your ship will regenerate depending if you still have any lives left.

You begin with five space ships, and a bonus/extra ship is awarded for every 5000 points you earn.

Keyboard Controls
Key Description Key Description
S Start the Game P Pause the Game
Cursor Left Turn Left Cursor Right Turn Right
Cursor Up Fire Thrusters Cursor Down Fire Reverse Thrusters
Spacebar Shoot H Hyperspace (re-appear)
M Sound (Toggle) D Graphics Detail (Toggle)
Object Points
(L) Asteroid 25
(S) Asteroid 50
UFO 300
UFO's Missle 1500

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