shopper comparer Script

shopper comparer is a free script dedicated to helping your visitors find the products they want to purchase--fast and efficiently. With this script, you will be able to set up a completely custumizable homepage (where you can put ads, links & other relevant information) for you visitors to view everytime they use shopper comparer™. Currently, there are four shopping sites (Amazon, eBay, Froogle, & $hop) that shopper comparer uses to provide your visitors with shopping products quickly.

To view a demo of shopper comparer, click here.

Steps to install shopper comparer:

  1. Download.
  2. UnZip.
  3. Edit shopperbottom.htm (if you wish to customize the bottom page), with any HTML program.
  4. Upload shopper.htm, shopperbottom.htm and shoppertop.htm to a web-server.

You're done!
- to test shopper comparer, run shopper.htm, online.

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