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Richard Fuld Breaks His Silence Since Lehman’s Collapse
New York Times
In his first public appearance since 2008, Richard S. Fuld mused about the economy, the Middle East, love and life, but danced around the downfall of ...
Latest on flooding: Oklahoma troopers rescue, arrest man
7:55 a.m. (CDT)...
U.S. Soccer Will Support Blatter Rival in FIFA Election
New York Times
Sunil Gulati said he would vote for Prince Ali bin al-Hussein to replace Sepp Blatter as FIFA president, even if it hurts U.S. Soccer’s chances to h...
IS group claims attack on Saudi Shiite mosque that killed 4
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) -- The Islamic State group has claimed a suicide bombing at a Shiite mosque in eastern Saudi Arabia that killed at least...
TV Sports: As Royals Fever Lifts Ratings, Announcers Enjoy the Buzz
New York Times
Kansas City has fallen in love with its baseball team again, and while the announcers said they were never overwhelmed by the team’s drought, they w...
New lab can create hurricane conditions on demand
MIAMI (AP) -- Researchers trying to figure out what makes some hurricanes strengthen into catastrophic monsters have a new lab that allows them to...
Putin, on Guard for 2018 World Cup in Russia, Denounces FIFA Arrests
New York Times
The Russian president denounced what he said was “another blatant attempt by the United States to extend its jurisdiction to other states.”
U.S. Economy Contracted 0.7% in First Quarter
New York Times
The revision downward, which was expected after a brutal winter, underscores the American economy’s seeming inability to generate much momentum.
Review: David Oyelowo, Going Mad in ‘Nightingale’
New York Times
David Oyelowo is the sole actor in this HBO film about a delusional supermarket clerk.
Explosion Near Shiite Mosque Kills 4 in Eastern Saudi Arabia
New York Times
The episode, which officials called an attempted terrorist attack, occurred a week after a similar attack by the Islamic State group killed 21 worship...
James Holmes’s Notebook and Insanity Debate at Aurora Shooting Trial
New York Times
Prosecutors say the defendant was sane and methodical, planning his rampage with murderous intent. Defense lawyers say his writing brims with “a who...
City Room: New York Today: Notes From Underground
New York Times
Friday: A trip to the Second Avenue subway, rainy weekend, and Manhattanhenge.
Common Sense: How Netflix Keeps Finding Itself on the Same Side as Regulators
New York Times
The invisible hand of Netflix has been at work influencing policy and proposed mergers in the cable, broadband and media businesses.
First Draft: Gay Hotelier Who Hosted Ted Cruz Made a Campaign Donation, Too
New York Times
Ian Reisner got a lot of negative reaction in the gay community for hosting an event for Senator Ted Cruz. It turns out Mr. Reisner also gave $2,700 t...
Putin Declares Soldiers’ Deaths and Wounds Secret, in War and Peace
New York Times
Political opponents insisted that President Vladimir V. Putin’s latest decree was the result of Russian troops’ clandestine involvement in Ukraine...
First Draft: Today in Politics: Senate Faces Uncertain Sunday as N.S.A. Deadline Nears
New York Times
The Senate is heading for a tense and unusual Sunday showdown over the expiring antiterrorism surveillance powers of the National Security Agency.
Study on Attitudes Toward Same-Sex Marriage Is Retracted by a Scientific Journal
New York Times
The journal cited a number of problems, including an author’s refusal to furnish raw data, with a study that claimed attitudes on same-sex marriage ...
In Europe, Fake Jobs Can Have Real Benefits
New York Times
Training at pretend companies is being used to fight long-term unemployment, one of the most pressing problems to emerge from Europe’s long economic...
When an Off-the-Rack Rolls-Royce Just Won’t Do
New York Times
As owners of ultraluxury cars seek to distinguish themselves among their peers, Rolls-Royce, Maserati and others sell more bespoke and limited-edition...
Lens Blog: A New York Dive Bar’s Last Call
New York Times
When Timothy Fadek learned that the Subway Inn, a New York dive bar that was one of his haunts as a student, was about to close, he set out to documen...

Abolish penalty shoot-outs, Cameron jokes in Germany
TV actor Dustin Diamond to testify during trial over brawl
Merkel promises to work with Britain's Cameron on reform of EU
College basketball player drowns in Indiana reservoir
James Patterson launches children's imprint
20-year-old Wisconsin cheddar makes debut at $209 a pound
Latest on flooding: River's threat reduced for Texas city
Explosion shakes Burundi capital, deadly protests continue
Magnitude-6.7 quake strikes remote area off Alaska coast
Blatter set to win new term despite soccer corruption scandal
Cleanup of oily goo could allow California beaches to reopen
EPA proposes lowering required amount of ethanol in gas
German newspaper corrects IMF chief Lagarde's Greece comments
Former Tajik commander claims to have joined IS group
Palestinians withdraw bid to have FIFA suspend Israel
IS bombs second Saudi Shiite mosque, killing 3
Europe pressed to resolve Greek crisis at G7 finance meeting
Stocks solidly lower following disappointing economic data
Woman accused of killing fiance on Hudson pleads not guilty
Hollande, Merkel call for rapid implementation of Minsk agreement
US removes Cuba from terror blacklist
EU imposes sanctions on top Syrian military intelligence official
Palestine drops motion to suspend Israel from FIFA
Cuba removed from US terror list
Heavy rains pound North Texas, severe weather kills 20 in the state
No major breakthrough at meeting on Asian boat people crisis
Another round of rain brings more serious flooding in Texas
Father, stepmother charged in death of malnourished girl
FIFA votes for new president
The Latest: Nicolas Mahut already warming up for Wimbledon
FIFA votes amid corruption crisis: LIVE REPORT
Univ. of Ill. athlete takes to Twitter to blast treatment of players
Huge swimming snake eats catfish in incredible photo
Cuba formally removed from state sponsors of terrorism list
Fact check: Bernie Sanders exaggerates inequality
Why I will no longer watch '19 Kids and Counting': Campus View
Handy drive stores your iPhone photos — and little else
Apartments near UC Irvine call out African-Americans for being too loud
Fact check: Rick Perry's border bragging
More than 1,800 dead in India heat wave with little relief in sight
Little boy has big foe, but lots of superhero friends
The Saturday Profile: Biracial Beauty Queen Strives for Change in Mono-Ethnic Japan
Photographer Gets Prison Sentence for Swindling L’Oréal Heiress
Andrew Lloyd Webber to Share Early Version of ‘School of Rock’
Chinese Weapons Spotted on Disputed Island, U.S. Says
Windshield Devices Bring Distracted Driving Debate to Eye Level
Kentucky Republican Primary Governor Candidate Concedes Race
U.S. Removes Cuba From State-Sponsored Terrorism List
The top 10 highest-paid female CEOs
Latest on flooding: Riverfront streets near Houston flooded


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