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Attention: You'll need a Google SOAP API code---not an Ajax API. If you're unsure just test out this free script.

Your Google Search Engine is a free PHP script that extracts Google's search engine results for your websiter. You will be allowed to have your own Google search engine, and be just like Google (in some cases this script may be a little bit better than Google). You'll also be able to set certain parameters (such as: adult filter, similar results, max results, your SearchFeed affiliate ID and more). Your visitors will also get the opportunity to select whether or not they want to see small website image previews and/or Google PageRank (UPDATE: PR works again).

To view a demo of Your Google Search Engine (PHP), click here.
You can also see what has been done with this script at

Steps to install Your Google Search Engine (PHP):

  1. Download.
  2. Upload & UnZip.
  3. Edit search.php (you can get yourGoogleKey free from Google, and then paste it between the quotation marks):

$yourGoogleKey = "";
$yourWebsite = "";

You're done!
- to test, run index.php, online.

- You can modify the numbers below to get paid by SearchFeed in search.php.

$trackID = "V4514137320";
$pID = "46564";

- Change the styles by editing: css.css
- Change other parameters in search.php (such as: adult filter, similar results, max results, & more)
PS: This is a modification of Daniele Leone's simpler script.

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