Create an eBay search and get paid through your affiliate ID

Summary: This script allows you to put on a simple search script with your eBay affiliate ID so you can start getting paid from eBay. There is no point of getting your api-code either with this script. It is simple, free and easy.

eBay Affiliate Search Script v. 2.0

To see a demo, click here.

Follow these simple steps and you'll have eBay search on your site and start getting paid fully:

1. You need to Then you need to join eBay there.

2. Download this script.

3. Un-Zip. Open the page (auction.shtml) with notepad or a similar program. Edit <!--#set var="pid" value="1762823" -->. Change the number (1762823) to your PID, from Commision Junction (to find your PID, after you sign-in at, click Account then Web site Settings and your PID will be on the left-hand side under the website name).

4. You can edit the script however you like as long as it doesn't go against eBay's or Commision Junction's terms and conditions. You should edit top.html (header) & bottom.html (footer).

5. Now upload auction.shtml, top.html & bottom.html. This should work on nearly any server or website host.

You're done! New and more complex versions should be made soon. If you'd like to donate, click here.